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As anyone with even a passing acceptance of video games will know, some of the best examples of the medium are those that have cracking sidekicks; those special companions that define the journey that you go on and who remain by your side when the brown stuff goes down. As such, it’s certainly fair to say that gaming isn’t lacking in great companions to accompany players on their adventures. So without further ado, here are our picks for some of the best video games sidekicks.

Atreyus – God of War

Atreyus - God of War

The son of the titular, very angry and also very beardy God of War, young Atreyus is something of a prodigy – deftly learning hunting and combat skills under the exacting and thankless eye of his world weary dearest dad. Able to meaningfully support his hard-hitting padre during combat while also providing a keen eye for danger, Atreyus certainly compliments Kratos rather than hinders him when things get spicy. Arguably more than anything though, Atreyu’s true value as a sidekick lay in how he humanises the God of War, pushing him to open his heart little by little to the son he thought he would never have. Awww.

Bullet – Blair Witch

Bullet - Blair Witch

Look, dogs are great – everybody knows this. But when it comes to pure heroism, you’ll struggle to find a more reliable sidekick than the ever loyal Bullet in Bloober Team’s superb Blair Witch adaptation. The bestest furry buddy of mentally-disturbed ex-copper Ellis Lynch, this compassionate yet alert Belgian Malinois helps to keep our main protagonist sane in what is – to all intents and purposes – a waking nightmare filled with evil. Not only that, but he also scouts out danger and can find hidden collectibles too.

Cleverly, Bullet will also respond appropriately to how he is treated. Reward him with a treat for doing something well and he’ll wag his tail happily and seek to do well next time. Scold him, however (don’t you dare), and his ears will descend and that tail will end up between his legs, rendering him ultimately less compliant as a result. Quite simply, Bullet is the Bestest Boy and deserves *all* the treats. Case closed.

Cortana – Halo

Cortana - Halo

Existing side by side with the towering Master Chief for nearly 20(!) years now, the endlessly formidable AI known as Cortana is able to control fleets and research millions of years of cosmic history in a split second. Despite her seemingly-omniscient power, it’s Cortana’s relationship with Master Chief that has arguably proven to be one of the bedrocks of Halo’s substantial appeal, as their bond is arguably that of soulmates. This is a fact rendered all the more remarkable given that one is a genetically-engineered super-soldier and the other is a highly-advanced AI. Cortana is so awesome Microsoft even decided to name its own Alexa-style virtual assistant after her. See what I mean? Cortana is legit.

Tails – Sonic The Hedgehog

Tails - Sonic The Hedgehog

Perhaps the most famous of all video game sidekicks, the affable and infinitely cheerful Miles “Tails” Prower has been side by side with Sega’s blue speedster for nearly 30 years, helping him vanquish foes and  collecting rings aplenty. An eternal optimist that is seemingly always ready with a smile and an encouraging word, this twin-tailed Kitsune is one of the longest-serving and most famous video game sidekicks ever, and it’s easy to see why.

Elizabeth – BioShock Infinite

Elizabeth - BioShock Infinite

Though her innocent ocean-blue eyes and initial demeanour might suggest that Elizabeth is something of a meek heroine, that couldn’t be further from the truth. After being liberated by the main protagonist of BioShock Infinite – the somewhat mercenary Booker DeWitt – a connection grows between the two. Elizabeth simultaneously peels back the edges of reality and slowly begins to thaw the heart of Mr. DeWitt, exposing him to a love and a universe of possibilities he had no idea even existed. It also doesn’t hurt that Elizabeth can wield her reality-altering abilities to aid Booker in his quest, all the while quite literally saving his life a good number of times to boot.

Sadie Adler – Red Dead Redemption 2

Sadie Adler - Red Dead Redemption 2

Pretty much made of full proof Tennessee whiskey and stinging comebacks, it can only be the wonderfully-abrasive Sadie Adler. She is just one of a number of folks that accompany the grizzled Arthur Morgan on his journey through the dying days of the old American West in Red Dead Redemption 2. Of the bunch though, she is most certainly the best. Able to drink any man under the table, out-quip anybody foolish enough to give her lip and outdraw just about anyone else in the West, Sadie Adler embodies the ramshackle romance of the rough Wild West with flair and aplomb. Oh and don’t call her a “Southern Belle”, either. It might score you a free headbutt.

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