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As Mojang explains in a new blog post, allowing server owners to implement NFT integration and “play to earn” features – which could reward players with NFT forms of in-game skins and items – would take “the focus away from playing the game” and allow for “profiteering.” The crux of the matter comes down to the fact that allowing players to earn NFT rewards would create an ecosystem of “haves and have-nots,” which goes against Minecraft’s values of “inclusion and playing together.” Mojang goes as far to call NFTs against the “spirit of Minecraft.”

Xbox is finally introducing built-in Discord support! Later today, select Xbox Insiders will be able to try out the integration while everyone else will have to wait for the support to expand in the coming weeks. This new feature seems to only support voice chat and not Discord’s text based communication. There is also no dedicated app on Xbox yet so make sure you have your mobile device ready because you’ll need it to transfer the audio over to the console using the new “Join on Xbox”. Once you’re in a call thats been transferred over, you’ll be able to see who’s on call with you, and who’s speaking, the same as if you’re using Discord on mobile or PC. And you’ll be able to adjust the sound, as well as switch between Discord Voice and Xbox game chat.

Following a new update, players will be able to convert their current character into a new class every seven days at no cost. The swap can be made at the new Shifting Flames brazier in Westmarch and players will have the option of immediately reverting back to that character’s previous class should they decide they made a mistake.

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