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The Beginning of Minecraft

In 2009, Minecraft was created by Markus Persson, also known as Notch and was originally called Cave Game. This game was different than other online games where you create things because instead of simply creating structures, you also have to gather resources to build those structures. This mix was unusual because most games at the time usually only had the player gather resources and not build or to build but not have to gather resources. On top of that, Minecraft was also a survival game. You have to survive hostile mobs and can explore the vast world. You can also use your resources to craft new materials that you can use to create structures, survive longer, and craft more materials.

Minecraft Updates

-Updates that occurred after the release was 1.0.0. It was the explorer update that added all the features in the base game, like health and other base features.

-The next update was 1.1, which added 51 new languages, including three fictional ones, and it added spawn eggs for all the current animals. Oak leaves also obtained a 1/2000 chance of dropping apples.

-The next update was 1.2.1. The items that it added were the bottle o’ enchanting and the fire charge. It also added mine shafts and desert wells.

-The next update was version 1.3.1. In this update, many things were added and improved. Some of the things that were added in the game were trading with villagers and another mode called adventure mode. Some structures were added into the game as well, including desert and jungle temples. Desert villages and emeralds were also added to the game.

-The following update was 1.4.2 (The Scary Update) which added many things including the wither, a second boss to the game. Some other things that it added were the anvil, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin pie, carrot on a stick, item frames, and flower pots. The mobs that it added were the wither skeletons, the witch, and the bat.

-The next update was version 1.5 also known as The Redstone Update and it was a very big update for Minecraft. Redstone -related blocks were added, more death messages were added, and slimes in Minecraft began to only spawn at certain times.

-The next update was known as The Horse Update and was 1.6. There were three mobs that were added to the game in this update, which was the horse, the mule, and the donkey. Many horse or pet-related items were added into the game as well, such as horse armor, lead, and name tags. It was also in this update that the end credits and the splash texts were added into the game.

-The 1.7 update, also known as The Update that Changed the World, lives up to its name. This update added 16 colors of stained glass and glass panes as well as new biomes, types of trees, and new flowers. It added salmon, clownfish, and pufferfish. Although there were not many changes that were made to the glass, after this update water, portals, and other glass blocks were visible through them. The new biomes that were added into the game included deep ocean, extreme hills, mega taiga, normal taiga, flower forest,  birch forest, roofed forest, sunflower plains, mesa, and savanna. 

-The next update was 1.8 (The Bountiful Update). This update added granite, andesite, and diorite, plus all their polished counterparts. It also added sea temples and all of their corresponding blocks/mobs.

  Microsoft Arrives

In 2014 Microsoft bought Minecraft from Markus Person (aka Notch) for $2.5 billion. Many people were sad and outraged that Minecraft was no longer in its original owner’s hands, and many worried that Microsoft would ruin the game. However, people soon realized that the changes made were not drastic and that the game would keep its original feel.

– In the 1.9 update (The Combat Update) new types of arrows were introduced into the game known as tipped and spectral arrows. The tipped arrows had effects on them, and when someone is hit by them, the effect is inflicted on them. Along with that, shields were added, which reduced your movement speed to crouching but made it so that all damage dealt by arrows are nullified and melee damage is reduced, and if you combine a banner with your shield, it will dye the shield. A new kind of potion was added to the game as well, called lingering potions, which lingers around where you throw it. Swords also obtained a ‘sweep attack’ which can hit multiple enemies. A new slot was also added to the game so that you can hold things in your left hand. The end was updated as well, allowing you to travel farther into it if you have an ender pearl and igloos were added into the game too. This update also released mobs called shulkers and skeleton horses.

-Update 1.10, also known as the Frostburn Update brought the auto jump feature, which makes you automatically jump when you go next to a block. A few blocks were added into the game as well, including magma blocks, which damaged you if you stood on it, nether wart blocks, brick, and bone blocks, which can be found in bone structures. Three new mobs were added to the game as well, which included polar bears, and strays, which were just skeletons that spawn in snowy places and inflict slowness with their arrows. The last mob that was added to the game is the husk, which is a mob that is another version of the basic zombie but spawns in deserts and is immune to sunlight and also inflicts hunger on enemies that it attacks. Endermen after this update can reach the Nether. Roads in villages were also changed depending on where they are.

-The next update was 1.11 (The Explorer Update). This update includes llamas, a passive animal that is able to be tamed. When attacked, it will spit at its foe. Another thing added was the woodland mansion, a naturally generated structure. It also added the End City, able to be reached after killing the Ender Dragon, with shulkers that shoot levitation bullets and drop shulker shells.

-The very next update was known as The World of Color Update. That was because this update was more focused on adding color to the game. There were only two mobs that were added. These two mobs were the parrot and the illusioner. The parrot naturally spawns in jungle biomes and can be tamed if it is fed seeds. The second mob that was added into the game was the illusioner which is a villager mob that is equipped with a bow and arrow. As for the blocks that were added to the game in this update, there were three, all with sixteen different color variants. The blocks that were added into the game were concrete, concrete powder, and glazed terracotta. 

-The following update was 1.13 (The Aquatic Update). It added many new blocks, mobs, and structures. The mobs that were added were the dolphin, a passive mob that gives you a speed boost if you swim near it, and the drowned. 

-The next update was the 1.14 Village and Pillage Update. This update greatly changed villages and added quite a few mobs as well. The mobs that were added into the game were the wandering trader, lama, fox,  panda, pillager, and ravager. Some blocks that were added were scaffolding and lanterns, as well as many utility blocks. As well as these things, the villages were changed as well, making it so they match the biome they are in. There was also one weapon that was added to the game known as the crossbow.

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